BeefSmart Consulting Inc.

by BeefSmart

Nutrition and production management designed for your ranch and feedlot.

Our Business

Innovation through Technology

We use innovative technology to determine the trace minerals status of your animals. This allows us to create a balanced nutrition plan for your entire herd, with nutrition that is designed to be bio-available, based on your soil, plants and environmental conditions on your operation.

Our Mission

Our Customers Come First

Our mission is to work directly FOR the producer, to help improve profitability. We don't believe in a "one size fits model" and therefore we formulate tailor-made plans to meet individual customer needs. Our goal is to increase efficiencies and improve profitability of cow-calf, backgrounding, feedlot, and bison producers.

We work with livestock producers across Canada:
- Cow-calf
- Backgrounding Feedlot
- Finishing Feedlot
- Bison
- Sheep

Whole Farm Analysis

Our goal is to maximize animal nutrition and minimize feed costs in order to meet the goals of the producer.


We believe in developing strong relationships with our customers and we are committed to working directly for the producer. We provide independent advice to balance animal nutrition, animal performance, and production management.


We believe ruminant production is a critical component of healthy soils, plants and ecosystems.


We use proven science to deliver results. We believe you can't manage what you don't measure and thus we believe in using science and technology to understand your herd metrics.