BeefSmart Consulting Inc.

Our Solutions

Nutrition. Management. Consulting.

Our Services

- Forage & Feed Analysis
- ​Custom Ration Formulation
- Custom Mineral Formulation
- Herd Trace Mineral Status Assessments
- Water Quality Analysis
- Forage and Pasture System Plans
- Winter Feeding Programs
- Stockmanship Training
- Cow-herd and Whole Farm Assessment
- Feedlot Management and Nutrition Assessment

How BeefSmart Works

Initial Discovery Process

We will initially visit your operation to ensure that we fully understand the nutritional requirements and management of your herd. We will take time to understand the unique aspects of your operation and environment, the herd requirements and your feed options.

Herd Assessment and Sample Collection

Once we have feed samples, water samples and herd trace mineral assessment completed our nutritionists will supply you with ration formulations and a customized mineral package to meet the requirements of your herd.

Farm Visits

We will assess cattle performance based on your feedback. We will visit your farm at scheduled times throughout the year to assess herd status and discuss any changes.

Other Production Requests

If you are interested in other programs such as pasture assessments, soil biological health assessments, grazing plans, stockmanship and wintering programs we will work with you on a one-on-one basis.

Feedlot Assessments

We will communicate to assess how the cattle are performing based on a 15-point score-card. Periodic visits will aid in ensuring targets are met and results are achieved.

Custom Mineral Blends

Mineral and vitamin nutrition is essential for optimal animal growth, reproductive performance and productivity. Deficiencies and toxicities can decrease performance and reduce your return on investment. ​We can ensure your herd receives the right minerals at the right ratios to maximize production, by utilizing innovative technology to measure animal trace mineral status.

A Team Approach

We value relationships and over many years have developed relationships with different industry stakeholders including University of Saskatchewan, University of Oklahoma, industry groups, provincial veterinary associations in order to continue to grow and offer our producers the most relevant, scientific and effective advice.