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Stetson Roberts

Beef Nutrition Technician, Alberta and British Columbia

Stetson Roberts grew up in a small town in Southern Alberta. Riding horses, handling cattle, and working stockdogs have not only been his way of making a living, but they are also his evening and weekend hobbies.

His first summer job was at a 100,000 acre ranch (Deseret Ranches) just south of town. After working on a cow calf ranch for 5 years, he found his way into the feedlot industry, where he would spend the next 7 years of his life. His feedlot experience was more than just being a cowboy, as he became interested in the finer details of feeding cattle and came to understand the importance of economics in a feedlot. This fueled his enthusiasm for feeding cattle which led him to the BeefSmart team.

Stetson is excited to meet and talk with the producers to help them find areas of improvement in overall costs of feeding cattle.

Stetson is located in Southern Alberta and he will be working with both feedlot and cow calf clients.

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